5 Fascinating Facts You Should Know About the Chickasaw Tribe

The Chickasaw Tribe is one of the most storied and resilient Native American tribes in the United States. Their history is a remarkable feat of strength, strategic alliances, and cultural achievements. Let me show you some interesting facts you should be aware of when discussing the Chickasaw tribe. 1. Geographical Location and Culture The Chickasaw … Read more

How Did the Battle of Horseshoe Bend Influence Cherokee Removal?

The Battle of Horseshoe Bend, fought on March 27, 1814, was a pivotal conflict between the United States forces and the Creek Nation, part of the larger Creek War. The battle marked a significant turning point in the U.S. efforts to expand its territory in the Southeast. Simultaneously, the Cherokee Removal, which culminated in the … Read more

Native American Tribes of Kentucky: Forgotten History

cherokee dance

As a historian, I am drawn to the untold stories of our past. One such narrative is the rich history of the Native American tribes of Kentucky. This land, whose name means “land of tomorrow,” holds countless stories of these tribes. One such tale involves the bison, a creature central to their lives. An old … Read more

Where Did Indians Live in Kentucky? – Exploring Historic Residences

Where Did Indians Live in Kentucky

I’ve always found fascination in the rich, varied, and often tragic narratives of indigenous people. One cold winter’s evening, while sifting through the annals of time, I happened upon an old map. This wasn’t just any map but a cartographer’s sketch from the early 17th century of what is now Kentucky. It depicted numerous tribal … Read more